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About Gerbco

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The NH3 Disc Sealers, manufactured by Gerbco Inc., were designed by Indiana farmer Keith Gerber in 2004.

Gerber, a grain farmer for the past forty years, had experienced too many years of nitration loss when pre-planting his anhydrous ammonia. This caused him to switch to side-dressing NH3.

Side-dressing seemed to bring forth its own set of challenges. Some of the challenges encountered were having to drive slowly to avoid covering small corn, experiencing vapor leakage, and the risk of burning the corn. These reasons caused Gerber to develop his own NH3 disc sealers.

While making the sealers, Gerber discovered that he could utilize his own used seed discs off his planter. Consequently, Gerbco is able to offer the NH3 Disc Sealers with or without discs, and recommend you use your own used seed discs if possible to reduce costs.

There has been a growing demand for disc sealers in the application of 28% fertilizer to help prevent nitrogen volatilization and erosion. In 2019 we introduced a disc sealer designed for 28% applicators with the same principle of reusing your worn planter seed discs.

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